Other types of liability insurance

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At Delvag you will always find the right liability products:

Liability excess layer
Increase your insurance limit—if your existing liability insurance does not provide sufficient coverage and you cannot increase the insured sum. Does a liability excess layer make sense for you? Speak to our Delvag liability insurance experts.

Airfield liability insurance
Protect your airfield or aerodrome with statutory liability coverage against compensation claims. This includes personal liability coverage for the operations manager on duty and the takeoff coordinator, who is appointed by the site owner and approved by the competent aviation authority.

Liability insurance for air show organisers
Ensure that you have adequate insurance coverage when preparing and hosting public air shows: This liability insurance for event organisers provides statutory liability coverage for injuries and property damage.

Liability insurance for mechanics, welders, and/or workshop managers
You are a self-employed inspector, aircraft mechanic, or workshop manager, or you test other companies’ aviation products? Then get the right coverage with liability insurance for aircraft inspectors. This will cover your personal statutory liability for injuries and property damage resulting from aircraft inspections according to statutory inspection regulations.

Good to know: You are employed as an aircraft inspector and your employer has an aviation product liability insurance? Then that insurance will normally cover the aircraft / aviation products manufactured and tested by your employer.

Aviation club liability insurance
Protect your aviation club with statutory liability insurance. Use this coverage in case of loss where liability is claimed against your club and its members.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or would like to meet in person to discuss your insurance needs: Our Delvag liability insurance experts will be happy to help.

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