Air carrier liability insurance (passenger liability insurance)

Protect yourself from compensation claims made by your passengers or freight customers, as they may approach you in case of a loss.

As the owner or operator of an aircraft you can also take out the air carrier liability insurance as a combined single-limit coverage (CSL). We are taking into account your specific air carrier characteristics (contractual and/or performing) and charter agreements, if applicable.

Air carrier liability insurance for private pilots, aviation clubs, airlines, or business jets.

Your insurance coverage includes

  • statutory liability for transporting people and the property they carry on or with them;
  • luggage and air freight;
  • personal liability of all individuals involved in steering, operating, and controlling the aircraft.

Good to know: Air carrier liability insurance excludes liability claims of uninvolved third parties arising from the use of the insured aircraft and the specified type of usage. In those cases, Delvag’s owner liability insurance will provide the right protection.

Talk to your Delvag expert to find out which air carrier liability insurance makes sense for you.

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