Combined single-limit coverage (CSL) - combined aviation insurance

All-in-one: Your owner-passenger-freight liability insurance.

You are a private pilot, aviation club, airline or owner/operator of business jets? Then choose a sensible combination to save money on your premiums: Owner liability insurance plus passenger liability insurance. You will benefit from a combined uniform insurance sum - the so called combined single-limit (CSL).

Your combined aviation insurance comprises at least:

  • statutory liability for using the aircraft;
  • plus statutory liability of the air carrier for transporting passengers, luggage, and freight on board of aircraft.

Good to know: As the owner or operator of high-quality planes or drones you can integrate more modules into your CSL insurance, e.g., customised product and custody liability components: your servicing workflows, credit and/or leasing agreements, charter agreements, and air routes.

You would like to find out which CSL modules you require? Your Delvag contact will be happy to discuss your insurance needs in person. 



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