Owner liability insurance (third party liability insurance)

Fulfilling your (liability) duties made easy.

Take out your statutory insurance with the experts in aviation and insurance: For over 90 years, Delvag has been offering aircraft liability coverage required for registering aircraft. It pays for damage caused by the aircraft’s traffic to bystanders or third party property. Including: Personal statutory liability of all individuals involved in steering, operating, and controlling the aircraft.

Good to know: Coverage excludes liability claims resulting from injuries and property damage to passengers of the insured aircraft. Property loss on transported goods is also excluded. For the above two cases, consider our air carrier liability insurance for optimum coverage.

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Everything you need to know about liability

Find out more from Delvag about current liability stipulations for aircraft owners/operators and aviators—nationally and internationally. We do not talk “legalese” and our experts are represented in aviation law committees so we can make an impact worldwide in the interest of our customers.

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