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Please report any damage, shortage or loss to our damage experts immediately.

Damage greater than € 3,000

Important notes

Contact the surveyor named in the insurance certificate.
If no insurance certificate is available or if no surveyor is named in it, please commission a surveyor.

search the database for damage loss adjusters

For all damages (greater/lesser than € 3,000) applies:

Our claims experts want to help you as quickly as possible. 

The following documents are required for the written damage report in order for us or the involved expert office to check and process the claim quickly:

  • Air waybill, other transport documents
  • Insurance certificate (if issued)
  • Confirmation of damage (by carrier, warehouse keeper, customs, police, etc.) and liability bond 
  • Accurate description of damage with damage invoice and appropriate proof regarding cause and amount. In the event of damage, proof must be provided of the composition of the sum insured (e.g. by means of a packing list or listing of the items incl. value and age information)
  • In case of damage: Proof of repair costs
  • Commercial invoice
  • customs clearance papers (if available)
  • other relevant documentation

Important notes

Please do not make any acknowledgement of debt and do not settle any invoices. For further information on what to do in the event of a claim, please refer to your insurance contract and the associated insurance conditions.

Right of recourse
In the case of externally visible damage, the insurer's right of recourse must be safeguarded by means of a restricted receipt. In the case of concealed damage, the delivering carrier must be held liable in writing without delay.

How to reach us

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Delvag Versicherungs-AG, Venloer Straße 151-153, 50672 Köln

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