What to do in case of a loss?

An overview of key information.

Please report any damage as soon as you can. Good to know: Check shipments for completeness and intactness when accepting them.

Recourse protection
In case of visible damage, the insurer’s right of recourse needs to be maintained by way of a limited receipt of delivery. In case of hidden damage, hold the delivering carrier responsible in writing without delay.

Surveyor (damage assessor)
In case of damage or lost movables most probably exceeding an amount of EUR 3,000 (or its foreign currency equivalent) or where the extent of loss is unclear: Please commission the surveyor named by Lufthansa Cargo to inspect the damage; if they are not available, contact the nearest Lloyd's agent. We will bear the costs for the agent.

Find your surveyor here.

Claim documents
Please have the following documents ready to report a loss in writing:

  • Aircraft bill of lading, other transport documents
  • Insurance certificate (if one has been issued), always the original version
  • Confirmation of damage (this may be the carrier, stockist, police, etc.) and a copy of the letter of protest
  • Precise description of the damage with statement of damage and adequate evidence of cause and amount. In case of a loss you need to show the factors comprising the insurance sum
  • In case of damage: Proof of repair costs
  • Commercial invoice, packing list for entire shipment
  • Clearance certificates
  • Survey reports (if necessary).


Liability issue
Important: Please make no confession statement and do not pay any bills. Please refer to your insurance policy and its provisions for more information on what to do in case of a loss.

How to reach us

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