Transport insurance from the industry experts
Take your goods all over the world fully insured

Transporting specialised goods requires specialised insurance solutions to protect you and your customers from financial loss. As a transport insurer, we understand the risks and requirements of your moving industry. We always insure shipments specifically tailored to the individual requirements of your product characteristics and transport routes. Benefit from our decades of experience in the jewellers' block, cash and valuables transport and aviation spares segments.

Security that gets through

Insured on land, at sea and in the air

To ensure you are covered on all routes, our insurance solutions include land, sea and air freight insurance.

International network of experts

Our global network of experts will support you every step of the way, even when your shipment crosses borders.

Door-to-door cargo cover

Because traditional transport liability insurance is not always sufficient, we insure your goods from sender to final recipient.

Transport by air waybill with Lufthansa Cargo

dog in flight box

Use the master agreement between Lufthansa Cargo and Delvag to insure your freight worldwide via the Lufthansa Cargo air waybill. The all-risk coverage of this air cargo insurance covers all agreed risks.

Lufthansa Cargo - Insurance

Für Sendungen mit Lufthansa Cargo: 

Prämie berechnen

Transport-Generalpolice - in general, optimally insured

As a holder of our Open Policy, you can register and insure your transports via the Delvag website. Benefit from comprehensive transport insurance cover with minimal effort and many advantages over an individual policy.

Create your own insurance certificates immediately. After an individual risk analysis and premium calculation, your general transport insurance policy will be tailored exactly to your needs.

Our transport declaration system allows you to enjoy the benefits of universal insurance: improved workflow, reduced paperwork, user-friendly requesting, and 24/7 availability of declarations and insurance certificates.

Let us advise you.

As an Open Policy customer, our declaration service is available to you:

Transport Declaration system

Jewellers' Block

Benefit from

  • Over 30 years of experience in the international diamond and jewellery trade
  • In-depth market knowledge and excellent connections to various international markets
  • A perfect network of expert partners in Israel, Hong Kong, Italy, Spain, France, Cyprus, Argentina and Brazil

For you as a broker, we are a competent partner to offer your clients tailor-made insurance cover for jewellery and valuables.

You can rely on our unbureaucratic processes and flexibility.

Aviation Spares

Insure your aircraft spare parts and engines during transport and storage with our Spares Policies for worldwide all-risk cover.

We always find the right solution for you with customised Aviation Spares concepts.

aviaton maintenance
Cash in Transit

Place your trust in

  • tailor-made GWT insurances
  • know-how in shipping valuable cargo
  • expertise in risk management and claims handling

Loss Prevention/Risk Management
We share our knowledge of security issues to work with you and our experts to design the optimal protection for your premises and shipments.

safe deposit box
Sea Freight

Sea transport is not 'just' another mode of transport - it also requires special expertise.

We support your transport by sea or by ship and truck with customised insurance solutions.

sea freight

Your risk management - our core business

Customised risk management with 100 years of industry expertise
The current and future challenges facing the industry require professional risk management. Benefit from our 100 years of experience in risk assessment and insurance. Let us discuss individual cover concepts and use our expertise to find the best balance between demanding individual insurance requirements on the one hand and the resulting cost burden on the other.

For these and all other types of transport insurance, such as jewellers' block, aviation spares, cash in transit and sea freight, we will be happy to work with you to develop the right cover.

Rubén Alvarez
Rubén Alvarez Head of Marine Insurance
Sabine Rittmeyer
Sabine Rittmeyer Head of Marine Insurance