Delvag as captive
Insurers and brokers in the Lufthansa Group

The risks to be insured in the aviation and logistics industry are becoming increasingly complex and diverse.

As captive in cooperation with our in-house broker Albatros, we offer tailor-made solutions for our parent company - the Lufthansa Group. We also work with other insurers to provide reinsurance capacity and share risks.

We act as a link to external reinsurance and retrocession markets, optimizing capital management for insurance coverage and insurance requirements. This allows us to make an important contribution to risk optimisation.

Andreas Brügel

As Delvag, we are the captive insurance company of the Lufthansa Group.

Our focus is optimising risk financing for the Group and our aim is to keep the total cost of insurable risk as low as possible. We achieve this objective in our capacity as captive and can provide the Group companies with unique risk coverage. As a risk carrier, we ideally complement Albatros' advisory and placement services.

Your risk management - our core business

Customised risk management with 100 years of industry expertise
The current and future challenges facing the industry require professional risk management. Benefit from our 100 years of experience in risk assessment and insurance. Let us discuss individual cover concepts and use our expertise to find the best balance between demanding individual insurance requirements on the one hand and the resulting cost burden on the other.

Andreas Brügel
Andreas Brügel Chief Underwriting Officer