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For aviation product manufacturers and maintenance companies
Product Liability Insurance and Maintenance Liability Insurance

We can provide you with insurance cover in the event that a third party makes a claim for damages against you on the basis of statutory liability provisions under private law. The insurance covers the manufacture or delivery of defective aircraft or parts thereof. It also covers the defective performance of work and services on aircraft and/or aircraft parts.

In the areas of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO), aircraft maintenance and aviation technical operations (ATO), custodial liability insurance covers property damage to third-party aircraft entrusted to the company. We also insure ground risks and, by individual agreement, test and acceptance flights.

Professional protection for cockpit an cabin crew
Aircrew disability insurance and training financing

Covering the risk of incapacity to fly is one of the most important types of insurance for cockpit and cabin crew. The risk of an accident and thus of incapacity to fly has increased, particularly due to changes in leisure behavior and more extreme sports (paragliding, mountain biking, parachuting).

Working in the cockpit and cabin is a special job in many respects. The risk of becoming unfit to fly is considerably higher than becoming unfit to work in any other field of activity. This is why many insurers make a distinction between incapacity to fly (FU) and occupational disability (BU). Only a few specialist insurers cover the risk of incapacity to fly in such a way that the cover meets the special requirements.

Group policies

In close collaboration with HR divisions of a wide range of airlines, our subsidiary, Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH, has developed corporate insurance plans to exactly fit your needs.

You would like to offer your pilots and cabin crew members a corporate insurance against the risk of incapacity to fly or have an existing concept reviewed to ensure it is up to date? Then do not hesitate to get in touch with us - we'll be happy to help so you and your employees will benefit from our extensive know-how and our market connections.

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For private individuals in the cockpit, cabin and tower professions

Whether you're a pilot, flight attendant or air traffic controller - insurance for incapacity to fly and loss of license belongs in professional hands. Our subsidiary Albatros Financial Solutions offers a wide range of cover at special conditions, such as 

one-time lump sum payment in the event of permanent loss of license,
agreed annuity payments in the event of temporary/permanent loss of license, 
lower premiums through special, discounted framework agreements,
Broad catalog of high-quality coverage.

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For pilot trainees

You can take out a disability to fly policy at a reduced initial amount for your training. 

In the event of an incapacity to fly, the insurer pays the selected monthly incapacity to fly pension, which you can use to cover the ongoing costs of financing your training, among other things. 

Find out more from our subsidiary Albatros Financial Solutions.

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Financing during pilot training

By training to become a pilot, you are fulfilling your dream of flying and investing in your future. If you want to obtain a pilot's license, you have to overcome many personal and financial challenges. Albatros Financial Solutions offers suitable financing options.

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