Change of management board at Delvag: Lorenz Hanelt hands over to Tobias Winkler

- Tobias Winkler becomes new Member of the Executive Board of Delvag Versicherungs-AG and Member of the Management Board of Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH
- Lorenz Hanelt resigns from the Delvag Executive Board and the Albatros Management Board to retire

Press Release / 27.04.2023

Tobias Winkler will be a member of the Executive Board of Delvag Versicherungs-AG and member of the management of Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH as of 1 May 2023. He succeeds Lorenz Hanelt, who will leave the Delvag Executive Board and the Management Board of Albatros on 30 April 2023. 

Tobias Winkler thus forms the Executive Board of Delvag together with Martin Schmatz and will be responsible for the areas aviation, marine and reinsurance, markets, sales, marketing and auditing. Together with Martin Schmatz and Martin Gary, Tobias Winkler completes the Management Board of Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH.

„During his tenure on the Management Board, Lorenz Hanelt initiated and implemented the future-oriented realignment of the sales divisions of Delvag and Albatros with his extensive experience in the market and sales. This was also accompanied by the data-based reorganisation of the product portfolios. Under his leadership, Delvag and Albatros have maintained their position in the market even in difficult times and have significantly sharpened their role as specialised risk managers for the Lufthansa Group and selected other clients. On behalf of the entire Supervisory Board, I would like to thank Lorenz Hanelt for this outstanding achievement. We wish him all the best for his coming retirement," says Dr. Roland Busch, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Delvag Versicherungs-AG. „With Tobias Winkler we have been able to win an experienced manager and proven insurance expert as successor for this important position. Tobias Winkler has profound knowledge and experience from the broker and insurance market and combines this with modern management methods. This skillset will strengthen the Delvag Management Board in the best possible way.“, says Busch.

Tobias Winkler has already been Chief Representative of Delvag Versicherungs-AG since 01 January 2023. Since July 2020, he has been responsible as Senior Director & Chief Underwriting Officer (CUO) for Delvag's insurance and reinsurance division, which he has restructured and expanded into an underwriting division. Previously Tobias Winkler was Senior Director Employee Benefits at Albatros for many years and was responsible for the insurance-based company pension scheme as well as the risk personal insurance of the Lufthansa Group and other third-party clients.

Lorenz Hanelt is retiring after 5 years as a member of the Executive Board at Delvag and as a member of the Management Board at Albatros (Managing Director of Albatros since 2012). During his tenure, Lorenz Hanelt initiated and implemented the restructuring of Delvag's market divisions and the redesign of its product portfolio. As managing director of Albatros, he was responsible for the strategic, organisational, and structural realignment of the employee business towards becoming the market-leading company-affiliated insurance broker. He also pushed the development and expansion of the area of occupational pension provision into an important business segment. As a member of various committees of the insurance industry, Lorenz Hanelt represented the interests of the Lufthansa Group, Delvag and Albatros externally.

In October 2012, Lorenz Hanelt was appointed Managing Director of Albatros. In January 2018, he was additionally appointed General Representative of Delvag before being appointed Member of the Executive Board of Delvag and once again Managing Director of Albatros with effect from 1 November 2018.


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