Speciality insurer through the ages
Stories and interviews

As a speciality insurer with a long history, we have experienced a lot, from special transports to unusual claims. In stories about our most unusual insurance claims and interviews with long-standing and former colleagues, we look back on the eventful times at Delvag.

Fly project
"Specialty Insurers through the Ages": planes for flies

In the 1990s, Delvag insured the transport of special flies.

Jörg Kerschberger
Interview with Jörg Kerschberger

Jörg Kerschberger talks about his career as an underwriter at Delvag, insuring a transport of relief supplies to the Ukraine and the (surprising) development of the private jet market.

Kay Griese
Interview with Kay Griese

As former Head of Aviation and Transportation, Kay Griese can look back on an exciting career at Delvag.

Delfine Zoo Lissabon
With porpoises across the pond

In 1995, Delvag supported Lufthansa Cargo as an insurance partner in the transport of two dolphins to Lisbon Zoo.