Our stance on the Paris Climate Agreement

We - the Delvag Group - with the companies Delvag Versicherungs-AG, Albatros Versicherungsdienste GmbH and Albatros Financial Solutions GmbH, are committed to the Paris Climate Agreement. We consider climate change to be one of the greatest challenges of our time. That is why we want each of our companies to contribute to a more sustainable development.

With this goal in mind, we have developed the Delvag Group's sustainability strategy, which is an integral part of our corporate strategy and which we continually review. Among other things, we are focusing on the accounting of our greenhouse gas emissions. At present, we have already determined these for Scope 1 and 2 and are planning to extend this to Scope 3.

We are also working to continuously reduce the carbon footprint of our employees: Since 2019, all CO₂ emissions from our business flights have been balanced by contributing to high-quality carbon offset projects run by our partner myclimate. In addition, we motivate our colleagues to regularly use climate-friendly means of transport with offers such as bicycle leasing and a subsidy for the Deutschland-Ticket.

The refurbishment of One Cologne, our head office in the centre of Cologne and therefore easily accessible by public transport, which was completed in 2019, has taken sustainability criteria into account: the building is LEED certified. Emphasis was placed on criteria such as reduced light pollution and optimised energy performance.

We see our investments as an important lever on the way to more sustainable development. When investing, Delvag Versicherungs-AG therefore considers issuers that meet its own sustainability requirements with regard to ethical, social and ecological aspects. In doing so, we rely on the support of an external asset management company that follows the sustainability criteria we have defined.

Together with the Delvag Group's Green Team, a cross-divisional project team that identifies and implements sustainability issues in our business, and in collaboration with our business partners, we are continuously reviewing further opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint.