Your contact persons in aviation insurance
If you require further information or advice - we look forward to hearing from you.
Dennis Heinen
Dennis Heinen Head of Aviation Underwriting
Julia Gärtner
Julia Gärtner Head of Aviation Underwriting
Marcel Budai
Marcel Budau Underwriter
Annika Coban
Annika Coban Underwriter
Kevin Gottschall
Kevin Gottschall Expert Aviation Insurance
First Officer Airbus A320
Jörg Kerschberger
Jörg Kerschberger Underwriter
Katharina Linnemann
Katharina Linnemann Underwriter
Wula Papassimu
Wula Papassimu Senior Underwriter
Oliver Winn
Oliver Winn Underwriter
Sabine Gerhards
Sabine Gerhards Senior Underwriter
Edis Ferizovic
Edis Ferizovic Underwriter
Markus Schepke
Markus Schepke Lead Underwriter
Rieke Bundt
Rieke Bundt Underwriter