Aviation seat accident insurance

Systematic protection.

Show that you care and take out an accident insurance covering the time between boarding and exiting an aircraft. This insurance also includes accidents sustained by passengers and crew when boarding or exiting. Your aviation accident insurance will generally act in case of an accident - regardless of whether the fault lies with the air carrier.

Good to know: This air carrier liability insurance only covers the air carrier’s liability.

We offer you our aviation seat accident insurance with a seats-based or lump-sum system.

Aviation seat accident insurance with seats-based system
This option insures based on individual seats. An insurance sum is agreed for each seat. In case of a loss, the individual on the respective seat is paid that sum.

Aviation seat accident insurance with lump-sum system
A lump insurance sum is allocated to a group of seats. In case of a loss, this sum is distributed between the insured individuals.

Together with your Delvag contact you can decide which insurance fits your needs. 

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