Hull insurance for aircraft (flight operations)

Keep calm in case of damage.

Protect your aircraft with aviation hull insurance against all the hazards your aircraft is facing.

We pay for partial damage (repair or material costs) and total damage (replacement of the current, reacquisition, or appraised value) up to the agreed insurance sum. Your aircraft is also protected during ground times. Wear and tear, gradual loss, etc., are not included.

Good to know: An aviation hull insurance usually implies an uninsured deductible in case of loss. For larger aircraft, this may be a very substantial sum; reduce this by taking out a Delvag aviation hull deductible insurance.

Risks of war and terror (e.g., civil unrest, strike, riots, acts of sabotage, confiscation, hi-jacking) are also not included in aircraft hull insurance. Protect yourself from these risks by getting a separate aviation hull war insurance.

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