Loss prevention / risk management

Safe transportations -today and in the future

Talk to your Delvag expert about all the details of loss prevention. We will assess and analyse your individual transport risks so you can minimise them -and prevent loss.

Benefit from a strong base, our close collaboration with Lufthansa Cargo’s experts, our competencies as insurance specialists in the Lufthansa Group, and from particular experience in managing smooth transportation of valuable and highly sensitive goods.

Our experts will support you in

•           Identifying risks

•           Analysing risks

•           Measures for reducing or eliminating risks

•           Establishing the risk element requiring insurance


Good to know: You can use our advisory service for the following topics -regardless of whether or not you will be taking out a Delvag transportation insurance:

  • Goods-specific risk analysis and optimisation for transport-related storage, cargo handling, transport routes, means of transport

  • Measurements of shock, temperature, and pressure for air cargo, before and after

  • Advice on packaging

  • Transportation monitoring 


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Jennifer Kuckelberg

Jennifer Kuckelberg
Officer Loss Prevention

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